Müller DrumTec.

Storage- transport- and process containers out of stainless steel.

Gripping Ideas out of Stainless Steel


Müller DrumTec in Rheinfelden (Germany) is a leading manufacturer of storage- transport- and process containers out of stainless steel. The Company manufactures all its containers in-house, in a combination of automated series production and traditional craftsmanship – and is committed to the very highest quality standards.

Its globally recognized expertise encompasses a wide portfolio of lidded and tight head drums, as well as single- and double-walled drums, which can be used for heating or cooling according to specific applications. This portfolio is complemented with butterfly valves and process components for filling powders and viscous media.

Standardized units ensure highest combinability of the modules. Yet individuality is decisive for success. The designs are created with a focus on the solution, in close cooperation with the customer. Continuous further development of its portfolio makes Müller DrumTec the sought-after expert for container customer solutions in a wide range of industries.


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