Compliance and anonymous whistleblower system

The meaning of corporate compliance




Corporate compliance is the conformity of a company and its employees to regulations.

Compliance is expressed through adherence to laws, regulatory standards and internal and external guidelines and directives.

Compliance with laws, guidelines and codes is a must for Müller DrumTec.

This includes, for example, that Müller DrumTec

  • is committed to fair competition.
  • complies with all national and international laws.
  • rejects any form of discrimination and takes consistent action against it.
  • does not tolerate any form of corruption, bribery or price fixing.
  • is careful not to do business that has been influenced by illegal practices.

    Taking away the negative image of whistleblowers


    Whistleblowers have had a bad image in the past. Although they publicized grievances in companies or questionable government practices, they were not usually seen as heroes who brought an inconvenient truth to light. Instead, they were threatened with disciplinary proceedings, dismissal without notice and, in extreme cases, even a life on the run.

    Müller DrumTec has a different approach: employees - but also customers, suppliers and other parties - can and should speak out if they notice misconduct or grievances. The earlier the better. In the best case scenario, impending grievances can be identified at an early stage and thus eliminated at an early stage.

    With this attitude, Müller DrumTec also welcomes the new German Whistleblower Protection Act, which came into force on July 2, 2023. This new law protects whistleblowers and prescribes uniform standards for whistleblowing and the protection of whistleblowers.


      Did you notice anything that wasn't right?


      In addition to the traditional options of reporting discrepancies directly and personally, we provide our employees, customers, suppliers and other parties with an anonymous reporting system.


      How to call up the message system:



        Scan the QR code or click this link.