Müller Group. From Packaging to Processing.

Next stop, Müller Group.

Four companies. Swiss Locations in Münchenstein, Muttenz, Reiden and Rheinfelden (Germany). 400 employees.

Customer solutions «From Packaging to Processing». From secure industrial packaging to proven handling and processing systems.

Family run. With a history that goes back 120 years. With employees who are passionate about quality and customer satisfaction. With a management team that likes to invest in people, in production and in processes. With its finger on the pulse of time. And at the same time, consciously aware of the environment. With costs under control.

Down-to-earth. You can talk to us. Discuss technical needs. Find solutions together. Everything at eye level. Friendly. Close.

We are happy to place the know-how and experience available within the Müller Group at the disposal of our customers: We will guide you through the labyrinth of solution variants, technical hurdles and project-related challenges - without detours or dead ends. Always focused on your requirements and your goal. Efficiently. Cost-conscious. For your satisfaction.


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