Credo of Müller Group.

Open, fair and partnership-based approach

The Group Executive Board of Müller Group has formulated a credo. It lays down the principles and rules of conduct for daily work within the Group. They are based on our core values and promote a common understanding of honest and ethically sound business practice.

How Müller Group and its companies are perceived by the public depends to a large extent on the importance we attach to customers, partners and other stakeholders internally and how we behave in our dealings with them.

By aligning our actions with high ethical standards, we create trust, prevent conflict situations and protect the reputation of the Müller Group.

The principles of conduct provide our employees with uniform, practically applicable and content-related information on the values that we uphold and live by in everyday business situations. The managers in our Müller companies actively live these core values in their function as paragons.

Christian Reinau, CEO Müller Group: «Our credo sums up in essence the premises of action we have always lived by.»

The value construct of the Müller Group

Customer satisfaction
Employee satisfaction and Occupational health and safety
Sustainability Processes
Outsourced quality
Public relations and Environment

We commit ourselves to Continuous Improvement Process.