Thomas Furtwängler bids farewell with beautiful celebration

Thomas Furtwängler bids farewell with beautiful celebrationMüller DrumTec

The former Managing Director of Müller in Rheinfelden, Thomas Furtwängler, was bid farewell with a potpourri of surprises in an entertaining and well-orchestrated farewell party by employees and companions in and outside Müller DrumTec. The lovingly prepared and professionally executed event "Adieu@Müller" was characterized by a lot of warmth and humor.

There are farewell ceremonies that stick. Like this one on February 13, 2023 in Rheinfelden.

What the team around Managing Director Matthias Meier put together deserves to be called "great. The mood was cheerful and exuberant. There was no sadness. The organizers also managed this well: Thomas Furtwängler is leaving Müller DrumTec at the end of the month. Any shedding of tears was postponed for 14 days, well thought out. Bravo!

Elegantly and eloquently Matthias Meier led through the event. As the first speaker he announced the CEO of Müller Group. In his speech, Christian Reinau, CEO of the Müller Group, paid Thomas Furtwängler great respect for his track record. After his speech, Christian Reinau, together with Matthias Meier, handed over a watch winder to Thomas Furtwängler, a technology lover and collector of fully automatic watches. Stored in this device, the fully automatic watches always keep a little bit in motion, are thus regularly wound and remain ready for use, even when they are not worn.


Matthias Meier leads sympathetically and confidently through the farewell event.
In his speech, Christian Reinau, CEO of Müller Group, paid Thomas Furtwängler great respect for his track record.
Passion on Thomas Furtwängler's wrist: a fully automatic watch that winds itself a little bit each time it is worn through everyday movements.
Thomas Furtwängler with his new watch winder. Stored in this device, the fully automatic watches always keep a little bit in motion, are thus regularly wound and remain ready for use even when they are not worn.


Frank Wiesner, who works in the design department of Müller DrumTec and is the chairman of the works council, thanked Thomas Furtwängler in his program item "The works council advises" for the many years of good cooperation and drew a nice conclusion: "With you as captain on our Müller steamer, we have sailed around many a cliff and braved stormy seas. Even though the waves have sometimes risen high and there have been delicate moments, together we have mastered many tasks and challenges and always found a solution for all of us so that the journey could continue".


Not only familiar with deeds, but also with advice: Frank Wiesner, design engineer and works council chairman at Müller DrumTec.


Then things got Alemannic, with a performance by Dieter Muck, a longtime companion of Thomas Furtwängler who recently retired himself. With well thought-out rhymes and life wisdom for the time after work, for a man who now has to face the household, Dieter Muck entertained the soon-to-be-retiree and the guests present in the best possible way.


Retired life with a wife can have its pitfalls. Has Dieter Muck already had any experience of this himself?
One laugh after the other. Thomas Furtwängler enjoys Dieter Muck's crazy-funny punchlines.


The next item on the agenda was the "Talk with Carsten Sauerwald". The management consultant who has accompanied Müller DrumTec for over 12 years with coaching and leadership training. "Dear Mr. Furtwängler! You have applied for a new function in a new area, the function of the retiree to the area: private. As a conclusion after 20 years as managing director and 30 years of operational affiliation with the Müller Group, I would therefore like to have one last performance appraisal meeting with you, a feedback meeting. We will send the evaluation form to the pension fund to calculate the exact remuneration. They will then issue a pension decision".


Thomas Furtwängler accepts his last appraisal interview in a relaxed manner ...
... and still has to make a statement or two. The guests like it.


And the program continues blow by blow. A quiz is also not to be missed. Is it him? Did the organizers really hire Günther Jauch (the famous quiz god of Germany)? No, in all modesty they have found an internal solution. Patrick Meier, Head of Construction, AVOR and Documentation at Müller DrumTec - donning a Günther Jauch mask at the start, presents the quiz format "Who will be a pensioner?", eloquently, confidently and with a sharp tongue, just as the RTL presenter sometimes likes to slip in.


Günther Meier? Patrick Jauch? A successful introduction to the quiz part of the event. 
Mr. Furtwängler, they didn't make it that easy for you with the questions ...
... and yet you have also passed this test. As a thank you, there is your portrait picture consisting of Müller employees.


Shortly before end of the well put together entertainment program Matthias Meier takes over once again. "In various ways, we said goodbye to you today and at the same time got you in the mood for your new phase of life. In doing so, we also heard about your penchant for networking, which has always brought you into contact with many different people. Some of these people inside and outside Müller DrumTec would like to send you their personal and individual greetings". In short video messages, Thomas Furtwängler is congratulated on his upcoming retirement.

At the end of the wonderfully diverse farewell party, Thomas Furtwängler addressed the organizers and guests, expressed his emotion about the program items, thanked everyone who had contributed carefully prepared content here. And then it goes out into the foyer, for the aperitif riche. There is noise. There is laughter. One or the other program item is discussed. The mood is good and exuberant.  And in the middle: a visibly relaxed, good-humored Thomas Furtwängler.


Tidbits here and tidbits there ...
... there is something for everyone.


There are farewell parties that stick. Like this one on February 13, 2023 in Rheinfelden.


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