Tight-head drums

Wherever safe handling of liquids is required, Müller's tight-head drums demonstrate their specific strengths. The gap-free, smooth inside of the drum, the curved bottom and the arrangement of the closures ensure total, residue-free emptying. All tight-head drums are UN approved for the transport of dangerous goods by road.


Many processes use liquids and hazardous substances such as acids, alkalis, ultra pure or toxic media. They often must be stored or transported under extreme conditions such as high pressure or high temperatures. In the specific pharmaceutical industry processes, a tight-head drum must moreover stand out with a hygienic design. We are perfectly prepared for these very particular hygiene regulations and environmental conditions, thanks to our Ultra-Clean tight head drum with sterile threaded closure. The decisive factors are here the proper choice of the material and a smooth and gap-free inside processing of the drums. Without forgetting the various closures and seals.

Volumes from 10 to 250 liters, in different diameters

  • Materials stainless steel (1.4541, 1.4301, 1.4404, Hastelloy and special materials)
  • Surface quality for surfaces in contact with the product Ra ≤ 0,6 μm

UN approval for liquids.
Seamed drums for use as transport drums, e. g. for the flavors and fragrances industry.


Steigrohr zur Enleerung der Flüssigkeiten