Drum Emptying Systems from Rheinfelden: Every drop counts

Drum Emptying Systems from Rheinfelden: Every drop countsMüller DrumTec

Product filling up to 180,000 millipascal-second – clean and precise emptying.

Various technical methods allow emptying liquid and pasty media from a Müller drum. It must basically be ensured that the medium can be removed in a controlled way and as completely as possible.

Often, special pumps are used for the almost complete emptying of containers. With usual, non self-priming drum pumps, a residual amount remains in the emptied drum when transferring and pumping off the medium. Generally, the medium present in the pump tube, possibly also that in the pressure-side hoses, flows back in the container after switching the pump off. An intelligent system developed by Müller Processing allows returning the product from a Müller storage and transport container without any residue in the production circuit or transporting it to a filling or a further dosing station.


Efficiency at the filling station

Besides energy consumption, high product loss and complex cleaning processes are often high cost factors. Thanks to its intelligent design, Müller's drum emptying system prevents high product loss when emptying the drum. The product is gently removed from a storage container into the filling system through an emptying lid. This closed circuit ensures loss-free, efficient and hygienic working all through the various process phases (filling, transport, storage and emptying). The system is specifically designed for highly viscous media, which are common in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, paints and lacquers industry and can thus be used in many different sectors.


Scalable stainless steel accuracy

Müller's drum emptying systems empty batches from 50 to 1,000 liters almost without leaving product residues. The only energy source required by the user is compressed air. The whole container is made of high-quality stainless steel. The system operates with low pressure, either manually or semi-automatically by means of sensor scanning. This makes intervention in the process possible at any time, for individual emptying control. The pressure is adjustable from 0.1 to 1.0 bar. It slowly drives the plunger located on the bottom upwards to forward the medium through a connection pipe connected to the filling system.

With small FD emptying systems, the containers can be moved freely in the room. Large containers as from 400 liter batches for the FDXXL system can be transported with a fork lift. Only the feeding line to the filling station remains fixedly installed.


Maximum emptying for minimum expense

Cleaning the drum and the piping is only necessary in case of batch change. Since the drum is nearly completely empty, a simple and thorough flushing is sufficient. Also the piping can be easily cleaned with compressed air and a pigging system. A final rinse is sufficient. This allows a quick product change.

The potential for an efficient production at the filling line interface is clear:

  • easy operation

  • quick cleaning

  • reduced space requirements

  • energy-saving

  • gentle product handling

  • high safety


Perfect balance

Often movement leads to wear Nevertheless, in general, the high-quality stainless steel drums have an unlimited life time.  Therefore, disposal or replacement is rarely necessary. The concept of upcycling has established itself here instead of the recycling.

Almost every drum can be renewed or modified almost at 100% in our production factory in Rheinfelden to adapt it to changed production needs. To maintain function stability we recommend replacing the special seals once a year. Generally, Müller Processing's service team checks this automatically during the maintenance assignment. But also the operating personnel can remove and put in place the seals without any problem after appropriate training. This allows eliminating almost completely downtimes and failures..


Highest safety and guarantee levels

The FD and FDXXL emptying systems contribute for already 30 years to Müller Processing's success story. The functions and application areas remained the same all over these years, but the emptying systems have been continuously improved. The adaptation to new FDA and GMP requirements, as well as the constant optimization with regards to operation, maintenance and control, is based on a continuous matching between product development and customer demands.

All Müller Processing facilities and systems used at process interfaces comply with the currently applicable provisions and specifications. They are supplied with the relevant certifications and a comprehensive documentation.


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