Material and goods flow for the future

Material and goods flow for the futureMüller Processing

Almost no container looks like another, not all goods can be forwarded on a europallet. Today, a modern logistics center must be flexible. But how do the warehouses satisfy the requirements of the increasing variety of goods? Müller Processing designed a multifunctional solution for the Migros Verteilbetrieb (distribution center) Neuendorf AG.

The Migros-Verteilbetrieb Neuendorf AG was founded 1974 and is Migros' national logistics center for the branches Near Food, Non Food, Frozen Products and Textiles. The estate extends over a surface equal to 70 soccer fields. The building volume corresponds approximately to 5,000 single family houses. 1,976,500 pallets are delivered per year – according to the latest figures. 2,606,500 pallets leave the center every year. This requires sophisticated intralogistics to ensure the material and goods flow on euro and special pallets.

The special feature of these facilities is their conveying system made of link conveyors in front of the lift on all five levels. The robust and low-maintenance link conveyors are installed in pits, covered flush with the floor. They can be operated in the loading and unloading area with counterbalance fork-lift trucks, low fork-lift trucks and hand pallet trucks, and they can even be driven over. There are no disturbing edges that might impede the passage of the logistics staff with their pallet trucks and lift trucks. Yellow marks at the edge of the link conveyors are used for centering when positioning the load.

This combined conveying system is designed both for the longitudinal and transversal transport of europallets and for the transport of special pallets. This modular link conveyor moreover offers the customer the advantage of being able to handle a wide range of different transport units. With or without carrier unit, almost any good can be conveyed on this facility, with a maximum width of 1.7 m and a maximum length of 2.5 m. The facility is designed for a height of 2.5 m. Due to the undefined shape of the load of the pallets, detection occurs with light barriers. These light barriers have a beam distance of 60 mm and can therefore detect even smallest objects.

State-of-the-Art Lift Systems

The lift systems designed and built by Müller Processing represent the state-of-the-art. So, for example, the drive system of the lifts includes energy recovery and forwards the load ecologically upwards. This saves energy costs and improves the CO2 balance. The communication is based on the latest field bus technology, Profinet I/O, which considerably reduces commissioning times and allows simple variants management. The controlled approach using frequency converters ensures product protection when handling. This classical traction lift (2:1) has been designed for a load of 2,000 kg and a speed of 2.0 m/s. A link conveyor is mounted on the load handling equipment inside of the lift on a transversal slide unit and can be shifted in transport direction on a carriage. This ensures the smallest transition possible in the lift from the conveying system flush with the floor to the link conveyor.

A lift facility reaches a throughput of up to 120 pallets per hour (return travels: europallets transversal). The smart design allows easy and good accessibility of the lift system. This ensures short maintenance intervals and short reaction times if access is necessary.

Müller Processing has designed in Neuendorf a material and goods flow system equipped to face future challenges: Cutting-edge technologies and clever construction allow greatest flexibility and efficiency for the customer.


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