Washing system trails under realistic conditions with complete clean media supply.

Practical tests for better washing results

For customers we carry out practical washing experiments with their parts to clean in our demo systems.

Test stands can be used to test how best to clean a barrel, a container or a small part from a bottling plant etc.

For testing and demoing several independent test stands with complete clean media supply are available. A modern utilities distribution system enables connection of test systems from the top. Cold water, warm water, purified water, process steam, compressed air and three-phase current can be provided with adequate capacity to test under realistic conditions similar to Pharmaceutical production. All test stands are equipped with waste water treatment. Contaminated water can be collected separately to ensure environmentally sound waste disposal.

The objective of washing system trials is to find optimum operating conditions with most efficient mechanical and chemical cleaning effect. All results of test runs will be fully documented and digitally available.