Loading Carts.

Individually designed loading carts equipped with their own nozzle system for a wide range of wash goods.

The Müller washload carriers pass through a multi-phase manufacturing process that ensures the highest functionality and quality:

  1. Clarification and preparation of the list of items to be washed
  2. Measurement and 3D modelling of the wash item
  3. Preparation of a 3D loading drawing with approval by the customer
  4. Construction
  5. Manufacturing
  6. Loading and wetting test (riboflavin test) in the cleaning plant
  7. Electropolishing after acceptance


The heart of a cleaning system is the loading cart. With its individual design and its own nozzle system, a wide variety of items can be cleaned in the system.

The items to be washed are fixed in position on the carrier so that they are then optimally exposed to the cleaning solution. This leads to perfect cleaning without spray shadows and to complete drying.

An exact construction, adapted to the wash item, is necessary.

Müller can rely on the experience of more than 500 different wash carriers in the design and manufacture of the wash carriers.

This means that even more complex product carriers for format parts or other small parts with scooping cavities or narrow bores can be easily implemented.

For maximum product safety, the loading cart, like all other components in contact with the product, must have the properties of a GMP-compliant hygienic design:

  • manufactured from round material, gap-free, without dead ends
  • no angle plates and flat surfaces on which water can stand
  • material: 316L/1.4404/1.4435 (electropolished)
  • surface quality according to washing chamber
  • plastic rollers and nozzles with FDA approval
  • material: 316L/1.4404/1.4435
  • electropolished
  • surface quality according to washing chamber
  • plastic rollers and nozzles with FDA approval

Technical Data


Sizes of the loading carts suitable for GMP container cleaning systems and GMP washers for small parts.