Working at Müller Processing.

With one foot in the present and the other in the future

Müller Processing employs 160 people at a high level. More than 10 nationalities are represented in the workforce and a healthy mix of young and old. Here, people know each other by name, treat each other with respect and master the challenges and ambitious goals together. With a lot of verve and the necessary agility.

The worldwide reputation for consistently delivering recognized quality is created at every single workplace. The employees in Rheinfelden work with passion and commitment. The technically and qualitatively superior products created here make us proud.

Within the Müller Group, Müller Processing often plays a pioneering role when it comes to implementing new ideas. This is no coincidence - because a culture that promotes creativity and shows openness prevails here. The company is committed top-down to innovation - not least so that the broadly based portfolio always meets the current needs of the market and can thus be safely led into the future.

The management is very aware of the importance of the people who work here for Müller Processing on a daily basis. Therefore, the well-being and satisfaction of the employees has an obligatory character.

At Müller Processing, people meet at eye level - across hierarchical levels. This is where interpersonal relationships count, where a feeling of togetherness is actively promoted. And when there is something to celebrate, we celebrate in moderation and style. In the knowledge that the next day will continue at a high pace, in the service of high-quality systems technology and to ensure outstanding product handling - for satisfied customers around the globe.

Thomas Furtwängler
Mueller logo Müller Processing
Managing Director (COO)
 +49 7623 969 146