for a partnership cooperation: Our terms and conditions for you.

Fairness and orderly business transactions are important to us. We use the general terms and conditions of the industry association of Swissmem.


01 General
02 Scope of supplies and services
03 Plans and technical documents
04 Regulations in force in the country of destination and safety devices
05 Prices
06 Terms of payment
07 Reservation of title
08 Delivery Time
09 Packing
10 Passing of benefit and risk
11 Forwarding, transport and insurance
12 Inspection and taking-over of the supplies and services
13 Guarantee, liability for defects
14 Non-performance, bad performance and their consequences
15 Termination of the contract by the supplier
16 Export control
17 Data protection
18 Software
19 Exclusion of further liability on the supplier’s part
20 Right of recourse of the supplier
21 Installation
22 Jurisdiction and applicable law

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