Pallet changer PW800 D2 ZB

Two-zone pallet changer with motorized side walls and intermediate plate function.

For hygienic reasons, wooden pallets are not used in the pharmaceutical and food processing industry. This is why these industries require pallet changer between receipt and production and between production and shipping. And, in order to reduce this work to the minimum, we have been offering for many years our pallet changer PW 800/1000 proven over 100 times.

Intermediate plate function

To allow pushing your valuable product even gentler on wooden or aluminum pallets with transverse ribs, our fully automatic pallet changer PW 800/1000 D2 ZB now newly features the proven intermediate plate function.

Technical features

  • standard load capacity 1000 kg

  • suitable for 30 pallets per hour

  • purely electromechanical drives

  • automatic palett centring (optional)

  • standard protection level IP54, other protection levels on request

  • appliance out of normal steel or entirely out of 1.4301 stainless steel

  • control cabinet with integrated operator panel

  • power 3 x 400/230V, 50 Hz 16A

  • compressed air 6bar, dry, oil free


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PW800 D ZB

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