Lifting Column

Lifting column for the cost-effective, safe and ergonomic feeding of tablet presses, capsule filling machines, blister machines, screening machines and for transferring and filling operations, in manual or motorized versions. The slim and stable lift mast ensures good visibility of the container.

The motorized versions are equipped with low-noise electrical drive motors and can, in addition to the lifting move, also perform swiveling, inverting  and gripping movements. Suitable grippers are available for every application and every container shape – drums, round and square containers or Big Bags.


  • project -specific configuration
  • from manual operation up to full PLC-based  automation
  • accurate repeatability for the lifting, swiveling, inverting and gripping position
  • high process safety thanks to integrated safety systems
  • load capacity up to 1,500 kg
  • movements such as lifting/lowering, swiveling, inverting and gripping can be operated individually
  • version compliant with the ATEX directives possible

Stainless steel according to GMP design

  • closed lifting system with cover
  • multi-part mast for connecting various floors and better assembly on site
  • clearance-free roller bearings, for easy and precise swiveling
  • slim and stable lift mast for good visibility of the container


  • Feeding of:
    • Tablet presses
    • Capsule filling machines
    • Blister machines
    • Screening machines
  • Floor connection for goods transport
  • Automatic palettizers
  • Filling and transferring goods from and to various containers


Pick-up Unit

Clamping ring





Squeeze funnel