Horizontal Conveying

Are the operating hours of the industrial trucks a significant factor in operating costs for you?

If your problem is to ensure a quick and efficient material flow from the incoming goods, through the production, up to the goods issue, you need a clever pallet conveying technology. Our wide product range will ensure you the right individual solution for the safe and reliable transportation of your pallets and goods. Delivery points for hand pallet trucks or fork lifts, pallet buffer systems, corner connections or long-distance travels: standard elements – logically linked – will provide the desired optimization of your material flow.

Combinable standard elements

  • driven roller conveyors and carrying-chain conveyors

  • lifting and rotary tables

  • transfer trolleys

  • apron conveyors

  • pallet alignment stations

  • pallet magazines

  • all in normal and stainless steel execution


Do you have to transport containers, cardboard boxes or drums from one place to another in your premises?

Container conveying facilities optimize your order picking processes. They transport considerable quantities of goods in a very short time from one place to another. In production facilities, they automatically transport parts after machining to the following production process. This means for you: container conveying facilities are much more efficient for the transport of goods than forklifts. They guarantee continuous goods flow and they significantly reduce the handling times. Everything is fully automatic. Also buffering goods is possible.

Flexible components

  • vertical conveyors

  • apron conveyors

  • roller conveyors and curves

  • diverters

  • transfer and pushover units

  • container stacking and unstacking facilities

  • empty container buffers


Your customer benefits at a glance

  • system selection according to load and performance

  • time gain through automation

  • continuous goods flow

  • predictable throughput times

  • gentle handling of the goods

  • connection to roller conveyors and buffers

  • highest safety standards

  • reduced personnel expenses and space requirements, optimized handling times

  • labor-saving (reduction of non-ergonomic carrying and lifting tasks)


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