Drum and container blender

Drum and container blenders for accurate and safe gripping of blending containers of any size. The recipe management allows optimal adaptation to the product to be blended. The plant offers high blending performance for a wide range of powders while preserving substance quality.  It can easily be integrated in existing processes and premises. Since the blending container is not permanently integrated in the plant, it can also serve as a transport container, e.g. with a pallet truck or a trolley. This saves time, costs and resources.


  • gentle product mixing
  • individual configuration of the blending parameters
  • process validation by data protocol
  • GMP design
  • load capacity up to 1,500 kg
  • flexible blending controls: Weight - Time - Rotation
  • version compliant with the ATEX directives possible

Stainless steel according to GMP design

Recipe management:

  • parameters such as direction of rotation, time and rotational speed are adjustable
  • create, save or carry out recipes
  • print recipes

Alarm management:

  • display of the current and historic messages
  • filter messages
  • acknowledge messages

Batch management:

  • generate and print the batch report
  • data storage (print-out on paper or storage on a storage medium)

User management:

  • creation of users and granting of rights
  • Login with user name and password


Blending of powders in all container shapes such as drum, silo or container


Pick-up Unit