Cleaning at the highest level for sophisticated customers.

Müller Cleaning located in Münchenstein (Schweiz)

Müller Cleaning is engaged alone and in cooperation with Müller Processing and Müller Intralogistics to optimize customer processes in the pharmaceutical industry. Contamination-free cleaning plays a decisive role. Chemical and biological contaminations - due to residues, foreign substances or microbes - must be excluded by professional cleaning and drying of the goods to be washed.

This is where the specialists from Münchenstein offer hand, experience and practice-proven customer solutions. With GMP container cleaning systems (PCC), and GMP small parts cleaning systems (PDC) and specially manufactured loading carts, nothing stands in the way of validated, fully reproducible and monitored cleaning processes.

At the Münchenstein site, a small expert team of 20 employees works on customer solutions that are in demand worldwide. A network of 50 sales partners helps to ensure that customers around the globe can benefit from cleaning solutions from Müller Cleaning.