Stainless Steel Industrial Packages - For the Sake of your Product

Stainless Steel Industrial Packages - For the Sake of your ProductMüller Packaging

Müller Packaging is known worldwide as a quality leader in the production of industrial packages out of mild steel. What is less known is that the whole mild steel containers range can also be produced in stainless steel – and also UN type-tested.

The Swiss sites Münchenstein and Reiden manufacture hazardous goods packaging for liquid and solid products. The customer solutions made of mild steel, fiber and stainless steel include tight-head, composite and open-head drums in various versions and sizes, up to a capacity of 217 liters.

The quality of Müller Packaging's stainless steel drums is significantly higher than that of mild steel drums. They are suitable – as a cost-effective alternative for the stainless steel drums manufactured specially to serve as primary packaging material for the pharmaceutical industry – for all filling goods with higher requirements. Because specialists know: from the product contact aspect, stainless steel is in most cases the best solution available. Compared with mild steel, stainless steel is the better, cleaner and more stable material. This is why a pure stainless steel drum will achieve a higher UN approval. Customers from the food processing industry, from the flavor and fragrance industry and from the chemical and pharmaceutical industries take advantage of this already today.

Müller Packaging can manufacture its stainless steel drums in a seam welded version and with welding flange. In this version, the whole sealing of the drum is obtained by welding. Thus no sealant is required. Contact of the product with the sealant and possible contaminations are prevented.

Contact us if you want to find a good middle way between mild steel drums and pharmaceutical stainless steel drums thanks to the stainless steel drums from Münchenstein and Reiden. Together, we will find the best solution for your needs. For the sake of your product.


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