The structure of the Müller Group.

Two Business Units

The Müller Group offers customer solutions from «Packaging to Processing». From secure industrial packaging to proven handling and processing systems.

Thanks to the outstanding quality of Müller products and systems, customers receive needs-based and coordinated processes along their production chain, from delivery to production to storage, up to the delivery and the transport.

Internally, the Müller Group is divided into the two business units «Industrial Packaging» and «Handling & Processing».

Müller Packaging and Müller Plastics belong to the «Industrial Packaging» business unit.

The business unit «Handling & Processing» includes Müller Processing, Müller Cleaning and Müller Intralogistics.

The strategic direction of the two business units is determined by the Board of Directors and the Group Executive Board. In the family-run Müller Group, strategic decisions are always taken with the involvement of the management of the five Müller companies.


Board of Directors and Group Executive Board

Board of Directors
Group Executive Board