Targeted education for employees with potential

Targeted education for employees with potentialMüller Plastics

At Müller Plastics, many people with many years of professional experience work in production. Many of them are career changers, many of them without a professional qualification. Managing Director Alain Berger and Plant Manager Michael Sowada have now set up a program that enables interested and motivated employees with potential to obtain a vocational qualification as a Plant Operator EFZ while working.

"Employees who are a promise for the future thanks to their good work are promoted by Müller Plastics. These people have potential and we are interested in advancing and developing them. In such cases, we therefore examine how we can support them financially and organizationally in their further training to become a plant operator EFZ," Alain Berger sums up the new further training program.

"The reasons are probably different why there are also unskilled colleagues here in the company. One, for example, was a baker and could no longer practice the profession for health reasons. So he came to us without any technical job knowledge, learned the ropes and now does a super job. Other employees come to us with a great deal of industrial experience, but do not yet have any concrete professional qualifications to show for it. If Müller Plastics now gives such employees the opportunity to underpin their professional base with further training, then I think that's a great thing," says Michael Sowada enthusiastically about the on-the-job training, which leads to a federal certificate of proficiency.

In Muttenz, Müller Plastics produces high-quality canisters, bottles and drums from 3 to 60 liters as well as a wide variety of technical molded parts on several large blow molding machines. Skilled workers who have the know-how to operate such production equipment are few and far between on the labor market. The new training program therefore offers a win-win situation. Müller Plastics can promote suitable employees in a targeted manner, thereby consolidating and expanding internal know-how.

Plant operators are important skilled workers at Müller Plastics. They set up the production systems and monitor the production of customer orders. Once production is complete, they retool the plant for the next order. Through their expert work, they ensure the greatest possible capacity utilization and productivity. They also intervene in the event of process deviations and plant malfunctions and carry out minor repairs on the machines independently. Plant operators often work as part of a team. At Müller Plastics, the production lines and equipment run 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That's why the production lines are supervised by different plant operators in shifts.

The additional training is not easy, as Dezider Bugar and Zeqir Bajrami report, who recently completed their training as EFZ plant operators. Just getting to Olten, re-immersing themselves in the school environment, coordinating with their families, learning in their free time and making arrangements in shift operations - all this already requires a great deal of will and a healthy ability to compromise.

But Dezider Bugar and Zeqir Bajrami have made it and are proud of their federal certificate. It is important to them to say thank you: "We have received great technical support from Mr. Sowada and we are also very pleased that Müller Plastics has participated in our further training thanks to Mr. Berger! Many thanks! We would also like to thank our colleagues. In a shift operation that also runs on weekends, it is not easy when two colleagues are regularly absent over a certain period of time. But this was never an issue in the team. Here, too, we have felt a support".


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