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Müller Plastics located in Muttenz

Müller Plastics joined the Müller Group in 1962. Müller Plastics attaches great importance to tradition. The company is proud of its achievements, its innovative strength and its good relations with customers and suppliers. Work in the company is carried out in an unexcited manner. Even in hectic times.

The company is well organized on the 7,800 m2 site. Processes interlock leanly. Good networking helps to keep work lean and quality high. Müller Plastics works in four shifts. What customers from the chemical, pharmaceutical, flavor and fragrance, food, mineral oil, paint and coatings, and cleaning industries appreciate.

In the team in Muttenz, everyone thinks along with us and is committed to the well-being of our customers. For example, it is quite possible that the logistics employee contacts the sales department if a customer has not yet called up his weekly batch.

The people in Muttenz act pragmatically and soberly. They don't fool anyone and convince with clever products such as the proven stacking canister line or the MultiCan barrier layer container with its six layers. Both examples show that Müller Plastics is one of the most innovative European companies for plastic packaging.

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