Optimization of quality control through visual inspections

Optimization of quality control through visual inspections Müller Plastics

At Müller Plastics, the optical inspection system, which was brought into operation in June 2023, has proven its worth and helped to improve quality processes. This means that the high customer requirements regarding surface quality can be better monitored and verified.

Müller Plastics produces packaging for the transportation and storage of hazardous goods. Thanks to the high quality and the use of testing systems customers not only receive the canisters from Muttenz but also the necessary reassurance that they can rely on the product without any restrictions.

All plastic canisters are 100% visually inspected inline after the blowing process. Surface defects are detected and geometric specifications are verified. Even the smallest defects and irregularities are detected and faulty canisters are sorted out by the system.

Extensive data collection of the modern testing system makes it possible to continuously optimize the production processes at Müller Plastics by using statistical methods and trend analysis. Upon request, customers will be provided with detailed and order-related data.

Plant manager Michael Sowada praises the inspection system: "Here in Muttenz, we consistently pursue the philosophy of implementing state-of-the-art technology in our production and being a progressive partner for our customers through automation."


Inlet area of the containers for the optical inspection.
A container is inspected using side cameras.
A special camera examines the container opening.
The panel displays an overview of the executed inspections with visualization of all inspection criteria.



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