Müller Group reorganizes Handling & Processing division

Müller Group reorganizes Handling & Processing divisionMüller Group

Start into 2021 with two new companies: Müller DrumTec GmbH and Müller AG Processing. In the industrial packaging sector - at Müller AG Verpackungen and Müller AG Plastics - everything remains the same.

The Müller Group companies operate in niches, with high-quality customer solutions. Together with the distinctive customer orientation and the courteous customer service, we see ourselves in a good, independent market positioning. Customers appreciate us. We are aware that customers are the engine and transmission of our business ideas.

We regularly scrutinize this established position with customers and in our markets in audits. In doing so, we look to the future and decide how we can align ourselves even better to current and future challenges and requirements - also in the interests of our customers. In recent months, for example, we have taken the strategic decision to rethink and ultimately adapt the organization of our Handling & Processing Business Segment.

The reorganization of the Handling & Processing Business Segment of Müller Group is as follows:

  • Müller GmbH Rheinfelden transfers its plant project activities, concentrates on storage, transport and process vessels – and becomes Müller DrumTec GmbH.
  • The handling and containment solutions of Müller GmbH merge with Müller AG Cleaning Solutions and Müller AG Intralogistics to form the new Müller AG Processing.
  • Customers will benefit from an optimized customer focus and bundled problem-solving expertise.
  • The contact persons remain unchanged for the customers. In the event of overall projects – including services from Müller DrumTec and Müller Processing – you will still receive advice and care from one single source – with one contact person who will be in charge of you.
  • The new companies will develop even more flexible, customer-specific solutions and innovations for comprehensive customer requirements in the Handling & Processing area.
  • The Müller Cleaning and Müller Intralogistics brands are taken off the market.

Important in this context: The above-mentioned organizational measures have no impact on the companies Müller AG Verpackungen and Müller AG Plastics. Contact persons and business relations remain as before.




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