Environmental labeling of our packaging material

For more effective and efficient environmental protection, all packaging placed on the market must be labeled - or alternatively declared on the website - from January 1, 2023.

The packaging labeling system consists of a system of numbers and abbreviations to indicate the type of all packaging materials used (primary, secondary and tertiary packaging). This information must be affixed in accordance with the provisions of European Commission Decision 97/129/EC.

Müller Packaging declares the materials used in production and logistics with packaging code, since November 2022 as follows:


Products of Müller Packaging

corresponding codes printed on drum bodies

Steel drums FE40

Drums made of mild steel (raw or painted), galvanized steel or stainless steel, sizes from 0.5 to 223 liters, as well as separately supplied clamping rings or lids.

Composite drums FE40, HD-PE02

Steel drums of all materials with HDPE inner containers, sizes from 0.4 to 217 liters).

Fibre drums C/PAP80

Fibre drums with steel bottoms and lids, sizes from 12 to 250 liters).

Externally sourced packaging materials

material labelling at the discretion of suppliers

Wooden pallets – FOR50

Plastic pallets – PP5

Cardboard layer pads – PAP20

Plastic panels – PP5

Shrink wraps – LDPE4

Other cardboard packaging – PAP20

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