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Müller Packaging located in Münchenstein and Reiden

Müller Packaging produces high-quality industrial packaging at its two locations in Münchenstein and Reiden. Its customers are mainly from the pharmaceutical, chemical, hygiene, cosmetics, flavors and fragrances, food, mineral oil, and paints and coatings industries. The customer requirements are as broad as the industries served by Müller Packaging. This requires commitment and flexibility from the employees. And this is noticeable across team and departmental boundaries. A "Müller-Groove" has established itself, which enables goal-oriented, collegial work. In two-shift operation. Six days a week.

The roots of Müller Packaging go back to the 19th century. It is the oldest company in the Müller Group. Quasi the flagship of the industrial group. The three circles in the Müller logo - which represent a stylized industrial barrel - are an expression of the origins and the importance of the company for the Müller Group.

The company is run by a seven-man management team, which is supported by a broadly based, motivated middle management team. In Münchenstein and Reiden, challenges and problems are seen as opportunities, discussed controversially and solved with a view to finding the best solution. Pragmatism and efficiency are written in capital letters here. 

The customer focus is conveyed internally with the image that the customers are actually our employers (in the truest sense of the word), that they secure our wages. The employees have internalized this credo. They are committed to good quality and thus customer satisfaction. This willingness to perform is valued and encouraged by optimal working conditions.

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