125 Years Müller AG Verpackungen.

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Image: Pierre Petit, Zeno photography, Eiffel Tower under construction (1888).


Between 1887 and 1889, the Eiffel Tower was built in Paris. A landmark with power of radiation - which still holds its effect today. At this time (1888) Rudolf Müller founded a tinsmith's shop in the tranquil Kleinhüningen. It cannot be assumed that he imagined at the time that his small tinsmith's business would one day become a successful, internationally oriented industrial enterprise.

Exactly 125 years ago - in 1897 - the tinsmith's shop hired its first employee and, according to the definition of the time, became a company.

In the 1910s, Rudolf Müller's son Ernst discovered a real gap in the market with the series production of tinplate cans for the rapidly growing chemical industry in Basel. In 1922 - 100 years ago - the premises in Kleinhüningen became too cramped. Ernst Müller was looking for a new location that would allow modern series production. He finds one in Münchenstein.

Today, in 2022, Müller AG Verpackungen can therefore celebrate its 125th anniversary and also "100 years of the Münchenstein site", which underlines its regional roots.

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