Food safety with system.

Müller Packaging is the only drum manufacturer with a broad FSSC product range and many years of experience. In 2008 DIN EN 15593 was introduced at the Münchenstein and Reiden plants and then FSSC 22000 in 2015.

With this commitment, Müller Packaging meets international food standards and customers receive internationally valid proof that the contents in Müller drums are packed in accordance with FSSC 22000, which de facto excludes liability risks.

The certification achieved must be confirmed on a rolling basis by annual monitoring audits and by re-certification, which must always be carried out before the end of three years. For the production sites in Münchenstein and Reiden, this means that the greatest attention must be paid to the established continuous improvement process. The corresponding processes and responsibilities are established and have proven their worth.

Why is there FSSC 22000?
Advantages of an FSSC 22000 certification
The current fifth version of FSSC 22000

The certification system FSSC 22000 supports companies with regard to food safety and quality management. With FSSC 22000, certified companies demonstrate that they meet the requirements and expectations of authorities, business partners and consumers. With FSSC 22000, the companies make a valuable contribution to security within the supply chain, even across national borders and continents.

Currently, more than 23,500 organisations around the world are FSSC 22000 certified. These include Müller AG Verpackungen with its sites in Münchenstein and Reiden.

All certified companies can be found on the official website of the certification system - on a world map or in a directory. An efficient search function is provided so that certified organizations can be found quickly and reliably.


The Münchenstein and Reiden plants of Müller Packaging are FSSC 22000 certified and therefore listed in the directory.

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