King Football and the Müller Group

King Football and the Müller GroupMüller Group

The Müller team is as diverse as the EURO 2021 teams. People from 24 nations work at the locations in Münchenstein, Reiden, Muttenz and Rheinfelden (Germany).

The EURO 2021 is rolling. Now 24 teams, in 6 groups, will compete for the 16th European Football Championship title at 11 venues in 11 countries. The teams are lining up in the best possible way, playing together optimally - according to the tactical instructions of the coaches. The next month will be exciting. For many people from different nations. A sporting event that always knows how to interest and involve the masses.

The EURO 2021 has some things in common with the Müller Group. Here, too, the game is played internationally, people from a wide range of nations are at work. Sporty, dynamic, always on the game for customers. And fair! There are no yellow or red cards in the fair play rankings. Sometimes heated duels, a battle of equals. But it's always about the best result for the customer.


Diversity, respect and tolerance are written in capital letters at Müller Group

People from 24 countries work together in the Müller team at the locations in Münchenstein, Reiden, Muttenz and Rheinfelden (Germany). They come from Albania, Algeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Eritrea, France, Iran, Italy, Ivory Coast, Kosovo, Croatia, Morocco, Northern Macedonia, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Austria, Portugal, Switzerland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey and Hungary.

Thirteen of these collaborating nations will be taking part in EURO 2021 with their teams. Particularly exciting from Müller's point of view are - due to the employee reference - groups A (with Italy, Switzerland and Turkey) and group B (with the Netherlands, Austria and Northern Macedonia) and group F (France, Portugal, Germany and Hungary). So it is obvious which topic will fill the work breaks of the next four weeks: King Football! Also with Müller, a phenomenon that promotes cohesion and unites, even if one's own country cannot always win.

Diversity - or in the fashionable word: diversity - is therefore writ large at Müller Packaging, Müller Plastics, Müller DrumTec and Müller Processing. This diversity of culture is enriching for the work, the cooperation and the orientation towards market performance. Müller produces its quality products for the whole world through people from 24 countries. In a good working atmosphere that offers space for different languages, attitudes and idiosyncrasies - and that is characterised by respectful interaction and tolerance.


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