Mobile handling device for transporting and lifting drums. Its compact construction combining low overall height and maximum lift allows gripping, lifting, inverting and lowering drums reliably within smallest space. The hand levers allow continuous operation of the hydraulically lifted support arms. The unobstructed view of the load, without disturbing central mast, significantly simplifies the feeding of the machines. When docking, the drum / hopper combination is placed in a gentle and self-centering way in the fixture

The internal hydraulic motor drives all movements: lifting and lowering, gripping and inverting. When lifting and lowering, the drum position always remains the same, thus ensuring accurate positioning.


  • stable lifting and lowering in vertical axis position
  • precise positioning at the target point thanks to unobstructed operator view
  • different construction and drive forms, and gripper systems for a wide range of requirements
  • load capacity up to 350 kg
  • Electrohydraulic drives:
    • three-phase current (cable)
    • battery
  • with additional rotary axis
  • with propulsion drive
  • version compliant with the ATEX directives possible

Stainless steel according to GMP design

  • specially low construction heights for reduced vertical clearances
  • flexible rotation of the top of the device on the chassis by max. 240°
  • continuous drive speeds


  • mobile feeding in smallest space of:
    • Tablet presses
    • Capsule filling machines
    • Blister machines
    • Screening machines
  • filling and transferring goods from and to various containers


Our Mobilos can also be equipped with the following accessories:

  • Intermediate lifting limit
  • Operating hours counter
  • Polyurethane (PU) castors
  • Extra long coiled cable
  • External socket (with retractable cable)
  • Pneumatic port for actuators, vibrator or shut-off valves



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