Drum emptying system

In production processes, emptying drums filled with liquid or viscous media as residue-free as possible is important for various reasons. Among others, the products to be transferred are often valuable and residues left in the containers, which cannot be used, lead to unnecessary expensive losses. The Müller drum emptying systems FD and FDXXL offer targeted support: product losses and complex cleaning processes after emptying the drum are a thing of the past.


Proven system in Müller quality

  • The system operates with compressed air, either manually or semi-automatically by means of sensor scanning.
  • The pressure is adjustable from 0.1 to 1.0 bar. It pushes the press-out plunger lying on the bottom upwards with highest care for the product.
  • The medium is thus discharged upwards and conveyed to the filling machine through the product line.
  • With small FD emptying systems, the containers can be moved freely in the room. Large containers as from 400 liter batches for the FDXXL system can be transported with a fork lift. Only the product line to the filling station remains fixed.

Application range

  • for Müller drums with a content up to 1,000 liters
  • liquid to highly viscous media
  • stainless steel
  • seals FDA and USP compliant

gentle product discharge

  • easy cleaning
  • space-saving operation
  • high safety for operator, the product and the environment
  • almost residue-free emptying

The success story of the FD and FDXXL drum emptying systems has been lasting already for 30 years.
Renowned customers benefit from clean and precise product filling operations reaching 180 Pa*s.

Technical Data

  • FD System for 100-200 liters
  • FD XXL for 400-1000 liters


Phase 1: Filling

  • Insert plunger
  • Filling

Phase 2: Storage

  • Storage
  • Transport to the filling machine

Phase 3: Preparation

  • Replace the drain cover

Phase 4: Emptying

  • Emptying via the product line into the filling machine

Phase 5: End and new beginning

  • the barrel was emptied cleanly
  • Clean and refill if necessary