Dispensing System MDS-L

Dispensing system for formulation, batching, dosing and filling of bulk materials in the 200 gram range up to larger batches in kilogram range with highest accuracy.

The MDS-L complies with OEB-Level 5 (cross-contamination is avoided as well as contamination of operators and the environment).

The silicone dosing element is FDA-compliant, meets EX requirements, is corrosion-resistant and maintenance-free. It is multifunctional, highly precise and extremely gentle on the product. The patented technology cannot be compared with conventional pinching valves which clamp off the bulk material. Instead, a pinch cylinder with two sealing lips is used, which ensure that the product is not affected in quality during filling.

For safe and efficient operation of the dosing system, it is supplied with a state-of-the-art control panel. The system and the processes are virtually displayed on the panel. The operator is intuitively guided through the dispensing process. In addition to operating and process status, maintenance instructions are also provided. In interaction with operations control and a host computer, pre-stored recipes can be easily selected and orders and batches can be processed efficiently.


  • Our dispensing technology is suitable for almost all powders, granulates and tablets, whether they are poorly flowing, hygroscopic, adhesive, spherical, abrasive, shot through, light, heavy and/or toxic.
  • The actual dosing takes place in the dosing unit. This does not have any moving parts, seals or bearings and therefore works with low wear. It can be replaced quickly and is easy to clean, which has a direct effect on operating costs.
  • Inliners are used as single-use for toxic bulk materials. The inliners are easy to insert and remove and protect the dosing element and thus its service life.
  • The system is unproblematic in terms of occupational health and safety, as there are no moving parts on which one could be injured.
  • The dosing system works safely and efficiently with the proven blenders, lifting columns, MCV valves and containers from Müller Processing. Individual processes are thus transformed into integrated procedures that can also be managed and monitored as a whole.

The dispensing system is modular designed and can be configured individually:

  • Product feeding with closing unit (e.g. split butterfly valve) to ensure safe docking, disconnecting or closing.
  • Product feeding with units for addition or pre-dosing (e.g. rotary valve).
  • Dosing element with dosing device and electric or pneumatic drives. The drives are controlled by a controller (MDC) specially adapted to the specific function.
  • Aspiration unit a) to balance the pressure caused by falling product from top to bottom, b) to suck off the dust column in the filling axis caused by whirled-up product particles and c) to ensure pressure equalization with the room atmosphere if necessary.
  • Container connection unit for dust-tight connection of the dosing unit to the target container.
  • Container closure unit for closing the filled target container.
  • Stationary machine part (depending on the machine with product feeding, product inlet, dosing unit and aspiration unit).
  • Electric control and pneumatic control for all customer-specific control components, the system pneumatics and the system piping.
  • Control panel to enter all process parameters and for visualization of the entire dispensing process.
  • Weighing unit with data transfer to the controller of the dosing unit.
  • Package transport for carrying the package from the filling machine.
  • Conveyor unit for connection to the existing intralogistics as an option for simplified handling of the containers. Horizontal and vertical versions are possible.
  • Dispensing system with light components made of stainless steel.
  • Dosing unit made of silicone (FDA compliant).

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