Müller AG Processing - the entire plant engineering under one roof

Müller AG Processing - the entire plant engineering under one roofMüller Processing

Customers benefit from a bundling of solution expertise in plant engineering, as the know-how, experience and resource pool of three Müller companies are combined to form Müller AG Processing.


The Müller Group merges the plant construction activities of the Müller GmbH, Müller AG Cleaning Solutions and Müller AG Intralogistics companies, establishing the new Müller AG Processing with head office in Münchenstein. This company will from now on offer a larger pool of resources and competences.

This organizational measure will allow us to proactively meet the constantly increasing demands in the project activities and plant construction areas and to offer our customers bundled problem-solving expertise. Moreover, the customers will benefit from a strengthened service team (maintenance, repair, retrofit) that will ensure plant maintenance.

The Müller Cleaning and Müller Intralogistics brands are taken off the market.

From a legal point of view, the new Müller Processing is born from Müller AG Intralogistics as a result of a name change. Bank details and VAT registration number from Müller AG Intralogistics are taken over. Nothing changes for the contact persons: you will still reach them at the usual phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

We are looking forward for good contacts in 2021, a cooperative partnership and trusting discussions. All the more in this uncertain corona period.



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