GMP Washers: high flexibility through modularized plants

GMP Washers: high flexibility through modularized plantsMüller Processing

Müller Processing GMP washers offer maximum functionality, which are compactly summarized in a new two-minute product video.

The final sequence of the video gets to the point: MÜLLER offers its customers ALL-IN-ONE, a well thought-out technical customer solution from A-Z. This relates essentially to two decisive factors:


  • Flexibility. Müller has developed a unique modular plant concept for its GMP washers. It offers optimal solutions for the most various application areas and specific requirements with regard to the items to be washed, the layout of the premises, the cleaning task, the required process steps, the required throughput, the available media and the compliance with work regulations.
  • Washing performance. The most important prerequisite for excellent cleaning results, low detergent consumption and short batch times is the cleaning efficiency of the system, which is an outstanding feature of Müller GMP washers. For example, the exceptionally powerful washing pumps allow, in the recirculation process, a high washing liquor throughput for best possible wetting of the washed items with a flexible washing pressure. Moreover, large piping and valve cross-sections ensure low flow resistances in the piping system and thus significantly improved washing dynamics. An important side effect: the high washing pump capacity ensures perfect self-cleaning of the washing chamber and generates a turbulent flow in the recirculation piping. This prevents deposits in the pipes, in the nozzle system and in the heat exchanger.



Customers already benefit from competent, comprehensive advice during the sales discussion, in which Müller’s experts reflect the requirements and needs of the customer. The customer receives within a very short time solution proposals and concrete decision-making aids. Müller quotations are transparently structured and also show solution variants. This allows setting up in a short time a strong base for a trustful cooperation.

For the professional project management in the area of friction between customer and production, Müller Processing relies on technically experienced project managers who act as project motors and coordinators, and who are the first contact point for all technical issues. Customers take advantage of this hub function: they know that their project and the resources used are professionally supervised and that they will be contacted timely if decisions are to be made in the course of the project.

The GMP washers designed and produced in Münchenstein stand out with a wide range of product features that all contribute directly to the quality of the cleaning performance. Some examples:


  • MÜLLER Clean Tank Design.
    Surface roughness and mirror-polished finish of the washing chamber. No sensors in the washing chamber.
  • MÜLLER Clean Sensor.
    Use of special sensor sockets supporting the Clean Design.
  • MÜLLER Block Valves Design.
    The residual volume of media in the system is minimized, the flow is optimized and the draining is improved.
  • MÜLLER Hydro Coupling.
    Self-docking supply system for wash racks. No external auxiliary media required.
  • MÜLLER Direct Dosing.
    Direct mixing of the detergent when filling.
  • MÜLLER Flex Filling.
    The water volume is freely adjustable, according to the used wash racks, in order to save water and detergent.
  • MÜLLER Power Clean.
    High circulating water volume during the wash cycles.
  • MÜLLER Turbulent Flow.
    The speed of the water flow in the pipes allows efficient self-cleaning of the piping.
  • MÜLLER Inline Heating.
    Efficient heating performance reduces the actual washing time: the washing runs already during the heating of the washing solution.
  • MÜLLER Thermal Disinfection.
    Ensures germ reduction through higher washing temperature.
  • MÜLLER High Performance Drying.
    Drying air with 20,000 Pa overpressure allows blowing out the piping without external compressed air.
  • MÜLLER Software Packages.
    Standardized software solutions with extensive integration possibilities.


Not all GMP washers are the same. Müller Processing’s technically sophisticated, innovative washers – that incorporate many years of experience and know-how – have been thought out down to the smallest detail. They offer the customer added value that standard market solutions cannot offer. A close look, as well as testing and comparing the functionalities of the various washer suppliers, is in any case worthwhile.

Present us your current procurement project and rely on technical advice at eye level. We are looking forward to your contact.