Do not leave the cleaning to chance

Do not leave the cleaning to chanceMüller Processing

Do you use cleaning systems for research and production? You should pay attention to these ten success factors if you are interested in sustainable cleaning solutions.

At Müller Processing, the cleaning of small parts, barrels, containers and bins is a matter close to the heart. That's why we take a close look. GMP has the highest priority for us:

  • We only install round pipes with tilt angles for media flow.
  • We design branches in such a way that «dead legs» are excluded.
  • If angles and corners are unavoidable in the design, we produce them with the largest possible radii.
  • We reduce surfaces to the smallest possible sizes and always ensure the correct tilt angle.
  • Necessary and unavoidable gaps are always rinsed and dried.

You will find these technical quality features in all our cleaning systems. They enable flexible automated cleaning of practically all washable production goods in a GMP environment. And they guarantee that no cross-contamination and germ formation occurs.

Our customers benefit on the one hand from these technical quality features, and on the other hand from our wealth of experience, which has grown steadily since 2009 and which we have implemented and refined in all our modular plant concepts.

Ten success factors - which we would be pleased to explain to you in more detail in a personal meeting - make the difference between a standard cleaning system and a high-quality GMP washers:

  1. Consistent hygienic design according to EHEDG or ASME BPE and thus consistently cGMP. This guarantees residue-free self-cleaning of the plant, full reproducibility and thus validation, i.e.: FDA conformity.
  2. Simplicity of the equipment, but all quality components from renowned manufacturers. In this way we create a good basis for expansion with options and also support easy, low-cost maintenance of the cleaning system.
  3. Use and installation of exclusively high-quality material, as compromises are out of place here. We provide proof for you with certificates, which are part of our clearly structured plant documentation.
  4. Exactly coordinated components and thus optimal interfaces. This leads to simple installations, targeted integration into your room layout and the holistic fulfillment of your needs according to the requirements specification (URS).
  5. Interlocking, process-requiring functionality, easily controllable by means of an integrated software solution. This guarantees clean processes during operation and user-friendly recipe management via HMI.
  6. Carriers produced to your requirements. This ensures targeted, purpose-built cleaning, as the parts to be cleaned are precisely positioned on the racks. You receive a standardized parts list form so that the design can be efficiently recorded and implemented.
  7. Flexible automation and software. You receive a scalable system with various hardware and software modules to meet a wide range of user requirements - from simple stand-alone applications, to connections in higher-level networks for data forwarding, to control via SCADA or MES.
  8. Comprehensive documentation and needs-oriented qualification that leaves nothing to be desired. You receive fully GMP-compliant documentation that you can use as a basis for validation.
  9. Trained, professional project managers. You will be supervised by a person who will work internally with us on your project, bring in your needs and look for solutions, who has deadlines under control and who will contact you promptly in the event of an unexpected deadline bottleneck. This ensures a smooth project support.
  10. State-of-the-art production and test stands. Müller GMP washers are created in a state-of-the-art production hall that sets standards in this market. With regard to cleanliness, hygiene and functionality, it meets the highest customer demands. A generous layout for flow production with short distances enables efficient production. Six test stands allow factory acceptance and washing trials under realistic conditions with complete media supply and waste water treatment.

We at Müller Processing believe that in the GMP environment no compromises should be made in cleaning. So don't leave cleaning to chance - and when it comes to your next cleaning plant, look out for the ten success factors that we have put in your hands here.


Stefan Prause
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Sales and Project Engineer
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