The Fold Pack by CurTec: Easy to handle - efficient in operation

The Fold Pack by CurTec: Easy to handle - efficient in operationMüller Plastics

The “Fold Pack” from CurTec is now available in the retail range of Mueller Plastics. These square containers can be stacked thanks to their conical shape. The packaging is being closed by placing the lid around the edge of the container and snapping it into place. Simple, efficient and safe. Like all products manufactured and distributed by Mueller Plastics the Fold Pack is UN-certified and reliably protects hazardous goods.

Thanks to its straight lines and design able to be nested,  the container is volume-efficient: In principle more volume can be stored and transported on the pallets, resulting in cost savings and lower emissions - in terms of sustainability.

The Fold Pack can be opened and closed quickly and easily. Folding the integrated lid handles around the rims of the container will reliably lock it. The rubber seal  integrated in the lid is forming a barrier against the penetration of moisture.

The innovative lid comprises another plus: It has integrated sealing pins that make any tampering with valuable content immediately visible.

The square plastic bucket has a capacity of 32 liters and is ideal for storing and transporting of medicines, specialty chemicals and food ingredients.



After initial use the Fold Pack can be reused and resealed - making it a sustainable solution.

Each container lid is fitted with four closing loops. In addition, “Unisto Compact seals” can be fastened for multiple uses.

Would you like to know more? Rolf Zürcher will give you a comprehensive introduction to the Fold Pack and the other CurTec products in the retail range of Mueller Plastics. He is looking forward to hearing from you.


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