Müller Packaging is a «systematically relevant factory»

Müller Packaging is a «systematically relevant factory»Müller Packaging

The Covid19 pandemic has severely restricted the public life and the economy throughout the world. The Swiss Federal Government attested Müller Packaging's systematic relevance. Concretely, this means that the Swiss Bundesamt für wirtschaftliche Landesversorgung BWL (Federal Office for National Economic Supply) is interested in keeping Müller Packaging's activities running – even if further more stringent measures were to be taken because of the pandemic.

Systematically relevant factories hold Switzerland together. They ensure the basic supply of Switzerland and are therefore considered as economic and labor market stabilizers.

By letter dated March 27, 2020, the Federal Office for National Economic Supply BWL (in the Federal Department for Economy, Education and Research WBF) attested the following points for Müller Packaging:


The National Economic Supply confirms that Müller AG Verpackungen is a systematically relevant factory for the supply of the country with essential goods and services.

The employees of Müller Packaging provide services within the meaning of the National Economic Supply law, which are indispensable to meet Switzerland's needs. This also particularly applies in connection with the management of the current coronavirus pandemics.

The National Economic Supply confirms its interest in the continuation of this activity. It is of great importance to the National Economic Supply that its employees suffer no restrictions in the performance of their work.

In this context we reaffirm our concern that the freedom of movement of its employees for the performance of their work (access to production sites, operational facilities, construction sites, etc.) will continue to be ensured.

We also confirm our interest that the key employees be exempted at their request from any possible military, civil protection and civilian service duties.

We furthermore support the concerns of supply-relevant factories and their employees according to which requests for special authorizations for freight transport and for the mobility of cross-border workers should be assessed positively also by foreign authorities


Thanks to this special position, Müller Packaging has the guarantee and planning security that allow him to continue production in the usual framework in Münchenstein and Reiden.

Roland Tanner, COO Müller Packaging: «The confirmation of the BWL gives us the necessary leeway to be able to produce and deliver customer orders in the usual quality. We are grateful and proud that Müller Packaging's work performance is considered systematically relevant at Federal level».


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