With fresh power and bundled strength

With fresh power and bundled strengthMüller Packaging

Müller Packaging and neighboring company Stahl Reiden have put a new TERBERG/ZAGRO RR282 rail vehicle into operation in Reiden, Lucerne, for their plant transport operations.

Müller AG Verpackungen and Stahl Reiden AG have sidings on which rail movements are made for raw material deliveries and goods shipments. SBB Cargo hands over the rail wagons at the transfer points outside the sidings. A common locomotive is operated for shunting activities within the sidings.

The two neighboring companies process several 10,000 tons of steel per year. With this quantity, raw material deliveries by truck are not an option, either ecologically or economically, due to the limited payload. The additional traffic and the significantly longer unloading process would be unmanageable for the operating process.

Last year it became apparent that the old DEUTZ locomotive would have to be discarded in the near future. During the joint market sounding, various options were analyzed and evaluated. Finally, the choice fell on the two-way vehicle TERBERG/ZAGRO RR282. This can - as the name suggests - travel on and off the rails, which makes shorter maneuvering distances possible and allows maintenance and repairs to be carried out off the tracks. The new vehicle combines proven truck and rail technologies and is designed for a towing capacity of 2,800 tons.

The TERBERG/ZAGRO RR282 two-way vehicle has two driven axles designed to match the rail gauge. This ensures high traction. The front steering axle has a significantly larger track gauge than the drive axles, so the vehicle offers the advantage of a tight turning circle of 13.5 meters. It is also worth taking a quick look at the wagon braking system: even at the minimum speed of the vehicle's diesel engine, the compressor reaches maximum output - which has a positive effect on operating costs. The vehicle is equipped with a radio remote control and can be operated by one person. With the previous solution, two people were needed. Maneuvers such as raw material unloading become additionally more efficient as a result.


From left: Marco Hofmann (Müller Packaging, Reiden plant management), Christian Bucher (Tafag AG / Zagro, project manager) and Raphael Lattion (Stahl Reiden AG, managing director) at the handover of the TERBERG/ZAGRO RR282 at the end of June 2021.


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