Lorenz Spuler, a jack of all trades, goes into well-deserved retirement

Lorenz Spuler, a jack of all trades, goes into well-deserved retirementMüller Packaging

This success story fits in with Labor Day: Lorenz Spuler retired at the end of April 2023 after 35 years with the company. He started at Müller Packaging as a technical employee and ended his career as Head of Quality Management and member of the Executive Board. His heart beat for the quality of Müller drums, his commitment was extraordinary and tireless.

Lorenz Spuler has led, advanced and professionalized quality management. He has earned a reputation as a "great doer". Now he is stepping down, leaving Müller Packaging for a well-deserved retirement. He exemplified quality, with great commitment and prudence, every day, consistently, reliably.



Lorenz Spuler says goodbye.


He was always helpful, positive, cooperative and happy to share his high level of expertise (which is also clearly expressed below in the employees' statements). He knew his way around the standards system and the management manual with ease. When asked, he was able to indicate directly in which internal document a desired piece of information could be found.

His pace through the administration and the company was often fast. His way of expression was always determined, clear and direct. He was often lost in thought - always finding a solution. He identified with Müller Packaging - through and through, gave everything for a high understanding of quality and consistent implementation. He was therefore often demanding (this can also be read below in the employee statements), but this was necessary, because there is no compromise when it comes to quality.

At company parties, during short coffee breaks, just before meetings, in the corridor, during lunch breaks, in conversations with colleagues or on business trips, you could also sense Lorenz Spuler's cheerful, humorous manner. He has a winning laugh, a likeable manner and great small talk skills. He is simply a welcome contemporary. His absence will leave a gap in human terms.

In March 2022, he handed over the management of the Quality Management department to Bernd Geissler and neatly completed the transfer of knowledge by the end of November 2022. Since December 2022, he has taken his remaining vacation. But Lorenz Spuler would not be Lorenz Spuler if he had not been available to the company during this time. He was still actively involved in the Indian joint venture.



Employees and colleagues pay tribute and respect to Lorenz Spuler



"Lorenz was a fair and demanding supervisor. Working under him was fun. I was impressed by how he built up the entire quality management at Müller Packaging. He lived quality, always passed on his knowledge and was a role model."

Martin Schwyzer
Quality management employee
Müller AG Verpackungen

"Lorenz was always very loyal to Müller and put his heart and soul into his work. If there were problems or deviations in the company or at the customer's, he immediately spoke with all parties involved and found quick solutions. He avoided the desk and IT whenever possible. He preferred to be out and about in production, monitoring processes (such as folding, baking temperatures, painting) or training employees. In all his work, the focus was on quality for the customer."

Roland Tanner
Managing Director
Müller AG Verpackungen


"Lorenz was always there, from early in the morning until late at night. If there were problems in production, he was quickly on the spot and sometimes also energetically instructed us on what to do. Working with him was pleasant. His stories about his vacations in the south were always very interesting."

Martin Stadelmann
Head of Drum Production Münchenstein
Müller AG Verpackungen


"Lorenz was my godfather! He taught me a lot, if not everything I know about barrels, explaining everything clearly. He has also always actively supported us during customer audits!"

Thomas Jaeger
Head of Marketing and Sales
Müller AG Verpackungen


"I had a formative experience with Lorenz (laughs). When I started here ten years ago, he told me right away that you always have to be available here. When I didn't pick up the phone right away a few days later, I had to listen to something he had to say ... (laughs again)".

Roger Eglin
Deputy Head AVOR & PPS Münchenstein
Müller AG Verpackungen


"Lorenz was a jack of all trades! He was always committed to ensuring that everything ran smoothly in production. He was a reliable partner and a good friend to me."

Hanspeter Kehrli
Head of Technology and Production
Müller AG Verpackungen


"Lorenz was quickly enthusiastic about our project in India. I was able to learn many technical aspects of barrel production from him. As part of setting up the joint venture with our Indian partner, we had great, adventurous and fun trips to China and India together. A door to draw on his expertise in the India project is still open to us after his retirement."

Christian Reinau
CEO Müller Group



Lorenz Spuler's career at Müller Packaging


May 1987. Joined the company as a technical employee in the Quality Management Department.

January 2000. Promoted to Deputy Head of the Quality Management Department.

July 2007. Promotion to Head of the Quality Management Department and simultaneous promotion to Member of the Executive Board.

April 2023. Retirement.


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