Fibre drums: stable, environmentally friendly, cost-effective

Fibre drums: stable, environmentally friendly, cost-effectiveMüller Packaging

The fibre drums produced by Müller Packaging in Münchenstein are UN-approved and can be flexibly adapted to customer-specific requirements by means of coatings and special designs.

Fibre drums are an economical packaging alternative to steel drums and plastic containers. They are characterized by high stability with low dead weight. Therefore, they are well suited for bulk goods in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

Since October 2019, production as well as sales has been located at Müller Packaging in Münchenstein. Know-how and customers were taken over from the very well known sister company Leichtfass AG, which has produced fibre drums since 1954.

The product range includes fibre drums in various sizes from 12 to 250 liters, all with UN approval for solids. The shell is made of unbleached kraftliner with high strength (basis weight 300g/m2) in parallel winding. The number of windings here determines the stability of the drum, which is defined by the requirements of the UN approval. The kraft liner layers are glued by an ecologically degradable starch glue. The bottoms and lids are manufactured in-house from galvanized steel.

For special requirements, versions with folded-in PE bags, inner laminations, sandwich liners with PE intermediate layer for the best possible protection against moisture, or various outer colors are available.

Sophisticated production processes also ensure that the well-known and valued Müller quality is consistently brought to the market for the fibre drums.

Müller Packaging's fibre drums are environmentally friendly, sustainable and cost-effective.

  • Environmentally friendly. For ecological reasons, Müller Packaging does not use plastic lids and relies on galvanized steel for the bottoms and lids, which is 100 percent recyclable.
  • Sustainable. The paper used in the production of the kraft liner comes exclusively from sustainable PEFC-certified forestry. The starch glue is a food-grade and ecodegradable product.
  • Cost-effective. Compared to other materials, fibre drums require only a fraction of energy. Therefore, these drums are among the most cost-effective and efficient types of packaging available on the market today.


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