Committed to Sustainable Climate Protection

Committed to Sustainable Climate ProtectionMüller Packaging

The industrial states have various approaches to climate protection. In Switzerland, the CO2 law is considered the core of the climate policy. It defines emission targets, also for the economy. The Confederation founded the Energie-Agentur der Wirtschaft (Energy Agency for the Economy) in 2001 to implement this law. Müller Packaging is cooperating with this Agency on a voluntary basis. The individually defined targets are binding.

The climate change is becoming increasingly tangible: Switzerland becomes drier, hotter, with less snow, and will be struggling in the future with more intense rainfall – this is the outcome of a survey conducted by climate researchers and by the ETH Zurich presented in November 2018 in their study report «Klimaszenarien CH2018» (climatic scenarios CH2018).

Sustainable climate protection is important to Müller Packaging. This is why the Company has been collaborating for many years with the Energy Agency for the Economy (EnAW) – as 3,800 other Swiss companies do. Besides legally supported CO2 targets, focus is also set on energy efficiency improvement targets.

Until now, Müller Packaging implemented very different actions to improve its energy balance, for example:

  • Replacement of oil heating systems with systems with a better CO2 balance
  • Targeted investment in energy-efficient production facilities
  • Optimization of compressed air systems
  • Investment in the thermal insulation of older buildings.
  • Replacement of existing lighting systems with a LED technology

The Energy Agency provides exciting facts about its action:

  • On average, an EnAW participant reduces its electricity costs by about 13,000 Swiss Francs yearly. Participation pays for itself as from 20,000 Francs energy costs.
  • When they conclude an EnAW target agreement, companies can apply for the reimbursement of the CO2 tax and of the network supplement.
  • Based on the economic saving potential energy and CO2 reduction targets, the EnAW defines and works out for every company an individual list with economic measures. These are binding for the company.

Müller Packaging is an industrial company that requires and consumes high levels of energy. This is why energy efficiency is important – morally and financially. On January 1st, 2019, the Energy Agency for the Economy renewed its «Certificate for the voluntary climate protection and energy efficiency» for Müller Packaging (Müller AG Verpackungen). This renewal was based on the repeated attainment of its ambitious climate protection targets. This spurs us to continue in this direction.


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