125 years of Müller Packaging: Folk festival atmosphere at the open day

125 years of Müller Packaging: Folk festival atmosphere at the open dayMüller Packaging

On June 18, 2022, Müller AG Verpackungen in Münchenstein opened its doors to customers, business partners, family members and the general public. Around 3,000 visitors found their way to Tramstrasse - despite extraordinary heat that reached a blistering 36 degrees. The mood was exuberant. The guests were satisfied, also because of the catering of Eiche Metzgerei, Basel, which left nothing to be desired.

They could be seen from afar: the large blue balloons towering over the Müller Packaging premises. Below them: the new semi-finished parts production and logistics hall as well as the fairground, where visitors gathered and lingered after the tour of the company. In between - almost in the air - the smell of fresh sausages and from far away ... the sound of thunder. Is cooling rain approaching, some may have asked themselves? No, it did not come.

The thunder came closer and closer to the streams of visitors during the tour of the plant. The quality management team from Müller Packaging then impressively, and with the support of the force of gravity, dropped the tried and tested UN-approved hazardous goods drums to the ground from a height of four meters. Not without causing noise, which was then revealed to everyone as a source of thunder and could be heard everywhere on the company premises. After falling down, the drums were allowed to be deformed - there was no way around that. But they had to retain their contents (in the test: water). Water was not allowed to escape. This is one of the requirements for UN-tested hazardous goods drums.

On the tour, the guests experienced live that an industrial drum is created when a thin sheet metal shell finds a bottom and a top or a drum lid during the production process and is combined in a tried and tested manner - by means of folding and the skilled, confident hands of the employees. Also always visible were the smoothly operating robotic arms, which, as a sign of automation, characterize the basic picture of production. And the intralogistics also caught the eye of the guests. Roller conveyors, overhead conveyors, and lifts - all of which paved the way for the freshly produced barrels into the logistics hall, where the barrels are palletized, shrink-wrapped, and loaded.

The Basel Chamber of Commerce visits ...

The company tour was opened by members of the Basel Chamber of Commerce. As an event within an event, the popular format of the business association "Members introduce themselves" was actively used to get to know the member company Müller AG Verpackungen. This event ended - in the air-cooled premises of Müller Processing on the third floor - with a fresh group presentation by Christian Reinau (CEO Müller Group) and a few celebratory anniversary slides by Roland Tanner (Managing Director Müller Packaging). After all, the 125th anniversary of the family business, which has been managed by the fifth Müller generation on the Board of Directors since the beginning of 2022, was the reason for the open day.

But Müller would not be Müller if that were the only reason. For 125 years, Müller companies have known - as a recipe for success - how to always offer their customers more than they expect per se. Service packaging on top, thinking along with the customer, standing up for the customer, providing targeted support in the procurement process so that the customer receives the Müller service in a binding, timely and reliable manner.

So - the 125 years were reason one for the open day. 100 years of Münchenstein on top, were the second reason. Ernst Müller, the second generation, bought a plot of land including an industrial hall in Münchenstein in 1922 because the premises in Kleinhüningen were becoming too cramped. Müller Packaging is therefore celebrating a double anniversary in 2022.

... and customers, family members and the general public

While the members of the Chamber of Commerce were being presented with in-depth information on Müller, downstairs in the factory and on the fairground the public festival began to take its course. Around 3,000 visitors were on site, touring the company, talking to the employees on the production lines, getting their own personally labeled promotional drum, admiring and judging the colorful and creatively designed competition barrels from primary school classes, families and hobby tinkerers, feasting on sausage, bread and drinks - sometimes twice - talking, laughing, playing table tennis and table soccer or competing in can throwing. A colorful hustle and bustle in a wonderful atmosphere - like a folk festival.

In news reports like this one, the writers often succumb to the desire to make an event bigger than it was. The parallel to fishing comes up, with the regulars' table comparisons as to who has landed the biggest splendid fish. Around 3,000 visitors - that is written quickly, not notarized ... And yet, the number of visitors on this hot 18th June 2022 at Müller Packaging can be neatly approximated.

Let's return to the fantastic idea of setting up an installation in which the main actor, the ABB robot CRB 15000 Collaborative, picks up advertising drums one by one, guides them to an inkjet nozzle and then prints on them the first names (or desired inscriptions) that have been entered in advance. Such installations entail the recording of production figures. The number of individually labeled promotional drums, together with the realization that not all visitors wanted to print a barrel, quickly leads to the stated number of visitors.

It was a folk festival for young and old, for technology lovers, for family members and for friends of Müller Packaging.

For Müller Packaging, it was a folk festival because - in keeping with its values - it was able to present itself as down-to-earth, close, competent, generous and friendly. And it was not the raw materials, the processes or the machines of the family-owned company that presented themselves in a friendly manner. The company employees took over this part. For the most part, they were happy to work on this Saturday, too, and they brought this joy to the outside world. You can feel it. This left a lasting impression on the visitors.

Many thanks to the entire Müller Packaging team in Münchenstein. Writing about your performance here makes me proud!


More reports, videos and pictures of the open day will follow in the next few days - then on the special pages of our company anniversary.


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