The Müller Group is looking to Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Müller Group is looking to Bosnia and HerzegovinaMüller Group

Bosnia and Herzegovina is still struggling with the consequences of the war from 1992 to 1995. Children in particular suffer from the difficult conditions. Poverty endangers the future of the children. For the sixth time in a row, Müller Group is transferring a donation amount at Christmas.

At 16 percent, the unemployment rate is very high by European standards. Young people, women, people with disabilities and Roma are particularly affected by unemployment. The lack of prospects is causing many people to leave the country, which is visibly aging the population. Both the health care system and the education system are incomplete. Many people in rural areas have no access to health care, and children attend school far less frequently than is the case in the cities.


7.6 percent of the urban population live in slums.

17 percent of Bosnians live below the poverty line.

21 percent of young people neither go to school nor have a training place.


The SOS Children's Village association supports children, young people and families in Gorazde and Gracanica through an SOS Children's Village, a youth program and family strengthening programs. Its motto: "We protect children and strengthen families".

Every child needs a home. That is exactly what the SOS Children's Village in Gracanica offers. Young people in the region whose parents cannot take care of them grow up in a family environment with their siblings through the programs. The Gorazde and Gracanica family strengthening programs assist needy families with psychological and educational counseling as well as financial assistance. SOS Children's Villages also helps the participating parents to build up an economic livelihood.

Müller Group has the greatest respect and esteem for the work of SOS Children's Villages. This is why the family-owned company has made a donation to the organization for the sixth year in a row.


Bildrechte: © SOS Kinderdorf, München, Deutschland, Foto: Katerina Ilievska


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