The Müller Group is committed to families in Eastern Europe

The Müller Group is committed to families in Eastern EuropeMüller Group

Social commitment has always been deeply rooted in the Müller Group. For years, the Müller companies have participated in an aid project of SOS Children's Villages, which has a very targeted and sustainable effect in Eastern Europe. The regular financial contribution at Christmas time is intended to show appreciation for the commitment of SOS Children's Villages and to provide selective help.

Although SOS Children's Villages has been active in Eastern Europe for decades, much remains to be done, as a new study currently shows: The Corona pandemic will result in significantly more children in Europe losing their families than before. In Greece, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia, an increase of over 30 percent is even to be expected. This is the result of a recent report by "Eurochild", an association of children's aid organizations. SOS Children's Villages is a member of "Eurochild" and contributed data to the report, which examines the impact of Corona on children in Europe. Boris Breyer, press officer for SOS Children's Villages, calls the figures "alarming." Behind them, he says, lies great personal suffering. In most cases, the reasons for children losing their families are poverty and domestic violence.

The aid project "Strengthening Families in Eastern Europe" of SOS Children's Villages has been implementing targeted measures for decades: Youth facilities, social centers for children and their families in need, training and psychological support. In Romania (as a concrete example), SOS Children's Villages runs day care centers, schools, vocational training centers, counseling centers, health care services and community support programs at three different locations.

Peter Müller, co-owner and member of the Board of Directors of Müller Group, says of the commitment: "As a family business with 120 years of tradition, we know the value of family. The aid project "Strengthening Families in Eastern Europe" of SOS Children's Villages fits wonderfully with our company philosophy".

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