Great compassion for the Ukrainian people

Great compassion for the Ukrainian peopleMüller Group

The Müller Group is shocked by Russia's warfare in the young democracy Ukraine. The Board of Directors makes a monetary donation.

As a rule, Müller Group companies do not take a position on political issues and warlike conflicts. This is currently different: "Müller Group vehemently condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The aggression of the Russian government and the dramatic suffering of the Ukrainians makes us very concerned", says CEO Christian Reinau about the current war situation. "The images from the war zones, the danger for the Ukrainian people, but also for the freedom of the country and their democracy, are hardly bearable even for outsiders."

The need in Ukraine is great. That is why the Board of Directors of Müller Group has decided to donate an amount in the five-digit range through Swiss Solidarity. "With this, we would like to make a contribution to alleviating the unspeakable suffering of the people in Ukraine. For us, this is an expression of solidarity with the suffering Ukrainian population. Monetary donations are - according to information from the relief organizations - most important at the moment, so that the relief organizations on the ground can buy and distribute the needed products. We very much hope that the war will end as soon as possible and that solutions can be found through diplomacy and talks," CEO Christian Reinau continues the opinion of the Board of Directors.


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