Christmas 2019: Müller Group supports SOS Children's Village

Christmas 2019: Müller Group supports SOS Children's VillageMüller Group

As in previous years, the companies of the Müller Group supported the family strengthening project of SOS Kinderdorf in Eastern Europe.

Instead of giving Christmas presents to customers, the companies of the Müller Group have again this year supported the family strengthening program of SOS Children's Villages in Eastern Europe. This program aims to protect families and single parents from the spiral of unemployment, poverty and exclusion.

In its activity report SOS Kinderdorf writes


Even if the economies of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Lithuania and Bulgaria are growing, this should not hide the fact that these states were and still are exposed to severe social distortions with the introduction of the market economy.

Families with many children in particular are finding it difficult to secure their livelihoods and provide for their children adequately.

The population of Bosnia-Herzegovina continues to suffer from the consequences of the civil war from 1992 to 1995, and according to a World Bank report, one-fifth of the population there lives in poverty.

Bulgaria has the highest poverty rate in the EU at 21.8 %. Children remain especially disadvantaged. Many have no access to education, are undernourished and live in poor conditions.


We are impressed by the commitment of SOS Kinderdorf and their family strengthening program. That is why we have once again sent a five-figure financial contribution towards Eastern Europe.


Picture rights: © SOS Kinderdorf, München, Germany


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