High passion for technology.

The Management Board of Müller Cleaning

The management of Müller Cleaning is a good mix of cleaning competence, passion for technical connections and expertise for realizable, sustainable customer projects. A pioneering spirit can be felt, which wants to bring technology to life with passion. The credo «More than just cleaning.» sums this up well.

The four-man committee considers it its main task to provide the technically experienced team of experts with good general conditions so that it remains up-to-date with regard to the constantly increasing customer requirements for cleanliness and hygiene. Thus, the members of the management board see themselves as moderators and coaches who support their experts with advice and action.

Thomas Storrer
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Managing Director (COO)
 +41 61 416 14 14
Daniel Müller
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Head of Technical Department
 +41 61 416 14 10

Christian Reinau
Mueller logo Müller Group
CEO Müller Group
 +41 61 416 12 64
Andreas Schmid
Mueller logo Müller Group
CFO Müller Group
 +41 61 416 12 68