Working at Müller Cleaning.

Well-established team and good cohesion

Short distances. Collegial cooperation. Focused work. Project business and customer focus. All this is noticeable in the dynamic operations in Münchenstein.

At Müller Cleaning, motivated people with a positive attitude and performance are working on the challenges posed by the niche business with cleaning systems. The employees of the various departments work together in a close network. The processes are well established, communication works. Mirrors with the inscription «Responsible for success» hang in the company. The appreciation from the management is welcome.

Two wooden tables and a barbecue are located outside behind the factory hall. This is where people meet for lunch. The atmosphere is good. This benefits the team spirit and thus the work for the customers.

Thomas Storrer
Mueller logo Müller Cleaning
Managing Director (COO)
 +41 61 416 14 14