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Quality Management, Environment and Safety

We commit ourselves to Continuous Improvement Process (CIP-PLAN-DO-CHECK-ACT)

Customer satisfaction

  • Our overriding goal is to achieve and maintain the optimum benefit to the customer
  • We commit ourselves to meeting our customers' hygiene requirements for food and pharmaceutical product packaging
  • We strive for a long-term partnership with the customer hallmarked by mutual esteem
  • Our pricing policy is transparent and comprehensible
  • We meet the customer's quality requirements
  • We analyze and eradicate all deviations from the customer's specifications (complaints)
  • Our active innovation policy responds to concrete customer requirements and market demand
  • We apply state-of-the-art technology
  • We ensure that our customers feel the benefit or our synergies

Outsourced quality

  • We engage only dependable suppliers
  • We strive for a long-term partnership with the supplier hallmarked by mutual esteem


  • We continually optimize our business processes
  • We periodically review our management system
  • Our employees receive ongoing training in operating procedures
  • We regularly invest in the latest manufacturing equipment and infrastructure
  • We take the precaution of monitoring all potential risks and hazards due to internal and external factors
  • Our production facilities are maintained regularly

Employee satisfaction / Occupational health and safety

  • Committed and motivated employees produce quality at each workplace
  • We strive for a long-term partnership with employees hallmarked by mutual esteem
  • We deploy suitably trained and qualified personnel to match the requirements
  • We actively support appropriate continuing professional development for personnel at all levels
  • We provide up-to-date and safe workplaces for all staff
  • We commit ourselves to prevent occupational disease and job related accidents
  • We cultivate and open, transparent and comprehensible management structure
  • Competence is commensurate with responsibility at all management levels

Public relations / Environment

  • We commit ourselves to comply with all statutory rules and regulations
  • We commit ourselves to prevention of environmental impact
  • All our employees, buildings and vehicles project a clean and friendly image
  • We maintain a consistent presence in advertising media and the internet