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Neue Generation MCV Containment Klappe

Transferring highly potent or toxic substances with no contamination – New generation of the MUELLER Containment Valve MCV

After the very successful start of our own Containment Valve MCV in 2009, since a few months there is a new generation available. Whether operated manually or automatically, the MUELLER Containment Valve MCV ensures that your toxic or highly potent product transfer safely – from the intermediate bulk container into the process line and back into a container again, exactly how you want it.

The operator benefits from an automatic locking of both valve halves in undocked position.  

The valve can be cleaned without removing the seat, in addition no solids built up nor is product trapped between valve disk and PTFE seat.

The main modification of the new valve generation is based on the new design of the locking device. Its construction is compact, self-locking and lightweight. 
The locking mechanism is smooth running and yet powerful without using rollers or bolts. This means no mechanical wear which is a unique selling point.

Due to the lean design of the valve disk seal is this an unexpensive spare part. The modular construction of the valve offers simple change from manual to pneumatic version with little effort. If at a later time position sensors should be necessary, these can be refitted easily.

New is the explosion pressure shock resistant version and safety against flame break through for gases of explosion group IIB up to +10 bar, available in valve sizes from ND 100 – 200 mm. 

The standard version is pressure/vaccum rated from -1 to +1,5 bar. In addition to SMEPAC test regulations the MUELLER Containment Valve MCV passed a practical test with 10 rounds of 15 kg Paracetamol each up to OEB 5, i.e. OEL < 1 µg/m³ with outstanding results.

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