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Porträt Thomas Jaeger 2018

Thomas Jaeger new Head of Marketing and Sales at Müller AG Packaging

Christer Almgard has successfully led our Marketing & Sales department for more than 30 years and will soon be retired. In the course of the succession plan, he has already handed over the responsibility for the department end of February 2018.

Since 1st March 2018, Thomas Jaeger has taken over the Management of the Marketing & Sales department and was appointed a Member of the Board. Starting with Müller AG Packaging in November 2011 as a Key-Account-Manager and Deputy Head of Sales, he has already gained experience over several years.

We are convinced that Thomas Jaeger will successfully lead the department into the future. Christer Almgard will support the sales team until end of April 2019.


Thomas Jaeger
Head of Marketing and Sales
Member of the Board

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